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Welcome to QUALITYPOINT.COM.AU in focus

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Online service simplifies compliance for businesses having food service processes

For any enterprise having food service processes, owners managing their documentation is one of the greatest sources of stress and uncertainty regarding compliance with the Food Act.


After spending nearly four decades working in various staffing roles within the agricultural, food & hospitality, entertainment industries and as a business management consultant and workplace trainer/assessor for small and medium size businesses, I realised that today’s SMEs needed much more access to data and advice on food safety plan processes and the web looked like the obvious vehicle to continue to do this.


In the late 1990s I put together a business plan and revisited the plan early 2000 to add a web based strategic direction to allow visitors to download pdf, e-forms and e-newsletters and to access straight forward information in the Q&A section. With the introduction of e-commerce to the website strategy the future looks brighter.


I wanted to take the uncertainty out of implementing a food safety plan or at least keeping an educated eye on those constructing it for you, for obvious reasons.


I say,” A lot of businesses having food service processes to-date simply can’t keep up with legislative changes to in house food safety procedures, let alone staff”.


I began marketing the business’s services via local media to businesses that had already a legal requirement to meet existing legislation regarding food safety plans. Once the plan was implemented and then approved by the Department of Health Victoria, I then offered it to other organisations with success.


After the business name including the domain name was legally secured and the trademark QUALITYPOINT.COM.AU officially registered, the psychological relief was short lived when I realised I had only scratched the surface.


With professional training in website development, content management, e-commerce, financial management, quality management and having contractual relationships with professionals such as intellectual property lawyers and attending relevant seminars, I put on track to secure its future in the market arena in making available some tools necessary for success in businesses having food service processes.


I am continuing to expand the business through affiliate marketing, exploring licensing opportunities and broadening its product base. This is a work in progress.


In February 2009 a complete redesign of the internet domain will commence encompassing e-commerce, pdf and downloading of associated material. It has been an arduous task so far but the challenges are most memorable.